Network and Bandwidth

Butler Consulting Technology (BCT) provides reliable web hosting solutions. Customers have consistently rated BCG’s reliability and uptime as excellent. In fact, BCT is able to offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This hosting company uses an advanced data center. They utilize a top-notch infrastructure and quality network.

BCT's customers benefit from a redundant network. Multiple connections are utilized so that if there is a problem with one connection, websites can stay online. The multiple connections also function to help avoid overloading of one particular network provider.

BCT uses ten different backbone providers to gather the bandwidth needed to provide powerful and reliable hosting solutions. These quality backbone providers include: AT&T, UUNET, Private Peers, Time Warner, AboveNet, Savvis, Level3 and Global Crossing.

The backbone providers are among the best in the industry. For instance, Savvis provides IT solutions throughout the world in at least 47 different countries. This company has actually partnered with Cisco in order to provide more advanced services. Global Crossings is just another example of the top quality backbone providers for BCT. This company also provides services throughout the world. Their customers include 35+% of clients who are within the fortune 500 club that further reflects their outstanding reputation.

BCT has bandwidth providers that are able to provide them with quality Internet Technology solutions. In turn, BCT is able to pass these solutions on to their own customers. Our clients can rely on powerful and dependable hosting solutions. Our customers rarely need to worry about slow loading time for their website pages or downtime.

The hosting infrastructure for BCT was designed to include the redundant connection and multiple backbone and connections providers. This was well planned out to fit in with the extensive and state-of-the art datacenter for BCT. The best fiber connections are also used to provide even more reliability and performance.

BCT has a great deal of bandwidth for their own customers. Plans offer generous amounts of bandwidth in comparison with the competitive prices. Hosting customers benefit all the way around from the providers and technology used to create the BCT network.