Why use Webmail

Advantages and disadvantages of Webmail versus Email programs. There are two options to using an email account – Webmail and via an email program. Which one you prefer is up to you but we have listed below the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

  1. Webmail – also called online or website email, Webmail means you access your email and contacts/address book etc on a website – you do not download email onto your own computer.

This method is becoming more popular but not all email providers provide webmail access. We here at Butler Consulting Technology offers webmail accounts with every account. The advantages of Webmail are numerous:

  • There is no set up or configuration required.
  • You can access your email from any computer with internet access, even abroad.
  • Your inbox, sent items and contacts/address book etc are all stored on the website, not your computer, so you will not lose them even if your computer dies/is stolen.
  • There is no email software to install or go wrong.

We offer the following webmail clients on our servers:

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